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Civilized people you oppose to have not a slightest intention to shoot you or exterminate you any other way. But you need some brains to intellectually compete with other tribes to survive in your sacred country.

Александр Шлёнский. Философский Пароход – здесь будут

The average poor or lower economic grouping 8775 working poor 8776 household may not pay income taxes. but still pay an average of $795 per month to the government through other forms of taxation.

в ванной (ВИДЕО) | Частное эротическое фото и

You need brains to get good education, well paid job, command a good income to support your family and raise your children. You also need brains to stand up for your won kind politically, culturally, historically. But first of all you have to survive economically. A 8775 lazy drug addled hillbilly 8776 won 8767 t make it.

So don 8767 t leave even one of us alive. Not one. You point a gun- motherfuckers- you better pull that trigger. Or it 8767 ll be the last time you anti-American fucks ever do anything.

but I love and respect my (white American) folk at all times- so that includes those 8775 inbred crackers 8776 and the people in the Appalachians with the rusty truck. I love that rusty truck too. And we like the same music.

Jewish people are white people. Period. You should not reject Jews or oppose Jews. You have to win their heart so that they support the cause and help rebuilt the American society.

But it frees us to continue our Manifest Destiny. Maybe Eastern Russia or Central Asia, Turkey, Africa, Middle East and Levant and Eastern Mediterranean. Can 8767 t go back to Britain or Europe. Our ancestors left for a reason. And that reason still exists. I like little colonies of Yankees and Friends. We can try to take back control of our country too. Slowly, methodically- quietly. We don 8767 t have anything else to do.

You can 8767 t compete with us. You aren 8767 t in our league.
I can 8767 t wait for the war. I want to die in it.

Finally, the white man 8767 s burden is not to segregate from non-white men and dominate the society to the expense of all other groups. It 8767 s rather to propagate the western civilized lifestyle to all races, so that they follow your lead and finally non-white men differ from white men only by the color of their skin.

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